This project begins with introducing tentacular thinking and making kin as feminist alternative practices to individualist, corporate feminism. These terms offer possibilities to think institutions and relations outside of their normative and patriarchal formations. But what exactly is “tentacular thinking”? The journey to uncover this term is what this project is about. By setting up experiments, actions, and gestures, we are growing tentacles in a project space made of a web of collective knowledges — and making kin in between everyone in the process. Tentacular thinking shows how decentralising, expanding, unmaking and tying knots builds generative and generous worlds towards the future.

This is a collaborative, collective project and is only possible thanks to everyone involved. Thank you to Nedislav Kamburov, Federica Notari, Alfonso Yordi Martinez, Sarah Bovelett, Aaron Kopp, Lauren Alexander, Susana Carvalho, Amy Pickles, Esteban Gomez Rosselli, Marit Mihklepp, Fien Leeflang, Nicolai Schmelling, Nicoletta Radice, Yessica Deira, Fleurine Brijker, Weronika Uyar, Nerilė Ričkutė, Benjamin Earl, Verena Hahn, Katsiaryna Banar, Nelli Serzhanova, Ruben Pater, Michel Hoogervorst, Frits Deys, Niels Schrader, Roosje Klaap, Salomé Valente, Ralph Lambert, and everyone else who contributed in any way with their kinship.

This project is made possible thanks to Fonds Kwadraat.

Initiated by Carolina Valente Pinto.

Questions, sugestions, and other tentacle thoughts: